Thursday, August 16, 2012

Murphy, Murphy, Murphy....

So yesterday I had to go into work, and because it was a schedule change and I didn't want to unduly distress Murphy, I uncharacteristically left my basement door open for him in case he decided that he needed to tend to any "dog business" that could not wait until my return. And my basement was pretty dog-safe, so what could he get into?

Alas, I forgot about that dream toy box of dogs: the recycling bin.

I came home, walked in, and found tin cans and plastic containers all over the upstairs living room. Apparently Murphy had spent the better part of the day going downstairs, rooting through the bin until he found something that smelled like food, then carrying said item back upstairs to his spot by the window to chew on it. When that item was chewed up and no longer tasted like food, he went back downstairs and got another one. Judging by the debris in my living room, he made at least six trips during the day, each time bringing back a soup can, yogurt container, or other yummy chew toy.

And it's not like the house isn't already stocked with proper dog toys, because it is. His food dish had been filled in the AM, too, so it's not like he was starved. Still, I returned to find about half of the contents of the recycling bin had been lugged back upstairs one item at a time, chewed up, and discarded in the living room.

Murphy is perfect when I'm home, but if I leave for so much as five minutes and give this dog half a chance to get into mischief while I'm gone...
That's what you get for leaving me! Next time, at least leave the TV remote where I can get to it.


  1. MMMmmmm - looking at such an innocent fact, I suspect ninja squirrels that rappelled down your chimney, did the damage and then hung your wonderful puppy out to dry . . . .

    Yep, pretty certain that's what happened.

  2. Murphy is scary smart and doesn't like for you to be away from the house.

  3. Hope Murphy and Chloe never meet. Between the two of them they could probably figure out how to unlock the trash can. Then they would open the fridge. Then they would learn how to turn round door knobs and escape to go hunting stray cats.

    Just trying to give you a scenario that could have been worse to make you feel better about the mess.

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Murphy was trying to reduce the volume of recyclable items