Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Day, Another Attack on America

This morning we awaken to find news of muslim mobs "spontaneously" attacking the US Embassy in Yemen, invading our compound and destroying our flag.

The one thing that I have been looking for in the news reports that doesn't seem to be there: reports of the US Marines attached to the embassy firing into the crowd of invaders and stacking their bodies up like sandbags. I mean, that's why our Marines have rifles and that's why our embassies have Marine details.

In another day and another time, this sort of invasion of sovereign US territory would have been tantamount to a declaration of war, and the Marines would have acted to protect US lives and property. But apparently they've been told to stand down and allow the attackers access to US soil, just like they were in 1979 in Tehran.

It's morning in America, my friends. However it's looking like the morning of November 4th, 1979 again. James Barack Carter Obama had better wake the hell up and tell his muslim pals that this stuff's either going to stop or be stopped by force. And I'm thinking that these muslims need to be reminded what happened the last time that they started chopping down American Embassy flagpoles back in 1801. Hell, Barbary Coast muslims are the reason President Jefferson and Congress created our Navy. I just wish that we had a President with the balls to send it back over there again and use it as the instrument of American policy abroad that it was intended to reinforce.

Heck, who am I kidding? Obama won't even cut short his campaigning and fundraising when American officials are being murdered and dragged through the streets. As America heads towards war Barry is heads to Las Vegas. That tells us all where his priorities lie.


  1. Regime change - coming to a polling place this November, God willing!

  2. Well said, we need to put about 100 Rangers at every embassy office over in that region, and tell them to tell those cowards to bring it.

  3. I don't know who is worse, Hillary or Obummer at this point... Between them they've tied BOTH hands of the Marines behind their backs...

  4. I'd like to see us pull all our diplomatic corps people home from the middle east and cut off all funding to that region. Don't waste money on bullets, just shut it down.

    The current administration has no clue that it's being used and abused by those guys, and altering the course of history. We simply must get him out of the White House before we go down in flames.

  5. We need a President with the guts to understand where the second line of the Marine Corps Hymn came from; then reapply it.