Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rebecca Kessler shows how 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

So Kevin Hirsch, a lawyer, offers to sit on his phone all day and get other people qualified for a game show in exchange for some of any potential winnings. (His practice must really be doing well if that's all he can find to do during business hours, eh?) Rebecca Kesler, another lawyer, agrees. Due to Hirsch's efforts, she gets on the show and wins some cash, but then welshes on the agreement. As usual when lawyers are involved, litigation ensues. Lots of it. Eventually even the judge gets pissed. Sanctions follow.

Game show brouhaha ties up courts, costs lawyers friendship

This is why it takes so long for regular people with actual cases to get before a judge--idiots like these two are frequently wasting tons of the court's time.
In this case, the judge comes right out and calls Kesler both a liar and incompetent.
Judge David Parrott, who has presided over the case since its beginning in 2009, lost his temper in July after Kesler made what he considered yet another faulty legal argument.

"Your argument is frivolous — again," Parrott yelled. "It is devoid of all arguable legal merit. I can't believe you are that monumentally incompetent. I've had it with you."
The judge goes on to say:
"I find the defendant's position so incredible that no juror would accept it as true," he said.
Ouch. That's a professional opinion that every lawyer wants on their CV, right?

Finally the first lawyer wins a judgement but Kesler colludes with her husband to hide all of her assets in his name to keep from paying. And she continues to request more court hearings. Ethical much? Who would ever consider hiring a lawyer like Rebecca Kesler? After reading this, I would not hire this woman if I was stranded on a desert island and she had a boat.


  1. Two lawyers in the family, neither one of them can have a normal discussion about anything. Everything in life is a contest to them. Disgusting.

  2. Someone should go after her license to practice law.

  3. Maybe there is a place for her with the current administration.