Friday, September 28, 2012

Running late today.

The guns are put up, the plane is weather grounded, and Murphy is actually behaving today, so blog fodder is scarce this morning. But I have to offer you all something, so here--watch this Linsday Stirling video.


  1. Nice! Never heard of her - I'll have to do some searching for more.

  2. Cool video, GREAT music!

  3. Awesome! Great music, great video! Whoever was doing the shadow dancing (lighting was wrong for it to really be "her") had a nice figure, too!

  4. Love her! She is on my running list songs. BTW thought of you and Murphy when I read this:

  5. Wow.. a new kid on the block.

    Any of you guys see Máiréad Nesbitt of the Celtic Women?

    I really like it when I see how they enjoy doing what they do.

    No doubt they work their rear ends off practicing day and night for years (you see even if you are gifted it takes lots of effort to hone those gifts to such levels.)