Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be a thug

Like when you can't get money out of an ATM machine at a gas station, so you decide to attack the clerk, who just happens to be a former professional kick-boxer.

Queens man dies after attacking kickboxing gas-station clerk

And as usual, the dead thug's brother and baby momma are upset. But on behalf of the rest of civilized America, I'm smiling right now. Instant Karma. It's gonna get'cha.


  1. Some folks are slow learners.

    Moving from Lennon to Jagger - Hey Arturo: You can't always get what you want, get what you need.

  2. And he had just won the ghetto lottery for "police brutality." Sucks when when you attack the wrong clerk.

    Has Bloomberg had the attendant arrested for not having a CCW permit for his feet?

  3. That is the fortunate thing about hands and feet, no permits required.

  4. "Queens Man dies"
    uhm,no. He picked a fight with the wrong guy and got kilt.
    Interesting the convolutions the media will go through when both parties of an altercation are "minority".

  5. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Well, he'll never do THAT again!


  6. "Marilyn Machado, 26, the mother of Arzeno’s first child, said he had just collected $250,000 from a 2006 brutality suit and was planning to move to Florida."

    Uh oh... she likes to sue.

    And the kick boxer didn't help when he said, "I didn't mean to kill him" and 'he called me a Taliban". Lawyer would use that to show he got mad and went after him hard.

    And that is one reason why once you tell the cop the dynamics of the situation, "sir he tried to kill me", point out any evidence. "Officer and there is the knife he had", and then let them know you will cooperate 100 percent AFTER you talk to your lawyer.

  7. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Good Guys 1 Bad Guys 0

  8. Instant karma is cool. I'm still waiting on mine though.

    Good job clerk!