Friday, October 26, 2012

All right! Texas Troopers call down airstrike on illegal aliens.

Now THAT is how you do it, Janet Napolitano. Take a lesson.

Texas sharpshooter in helicopter kills two illegal aliens during high-speed chase

A truck (probably stolen, like most trucks that illegals use for border crossing) runs from the police. A helicopter is called in to help, and a specially trained Department of Public Safety officer in the helicopter fires on the truck, stopping it without harm to any innocent citizens or property. Score: Two Guatemalans have assumed ambient temperature and seven more are in custody. Message sent to illegal aliens and the smugglers who plan to breach our borders: There will be a cost if you try it in Texas.

Naturally the Guatemalan government is now upset, and I'm sure that Eric Holder personally is on his way down there to try to bring some sort of charges against the DPS officers on Obama's orders, but it's a good day for the rest of America, with the possible exception of whoever that truck was stolen from, because it's going to need a bit of body work now

I'm happy.


  1. Texas is gettin' all uppity, and I'm as happy about it as I can be.

  2. That is covered in awesome sauce right there.

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Go Texas

  4. 'Bout time. And I'd willingly donate my truck if I knew that, in the end, there would be some cooling bodies and a bunch more illegals who were being prosecuted (and booted) for actually being illegal. Small price to pay for securing our borders!

    And as I said to someone who accused me of being racist....personally, if anyone wants to come to America, apply for citizenship and earn their way, whether they be a brain surgeon or manual laborer, I say "Welcome!" Its the ones who are here illegally that I want to see gone. I don't care where they go back to, what color they are, or what religious documentation they prefer. What part of "illegal" do they think is okay?

  5. Next in cross hairs - irritating U.N. observers!

  6. We have battleships too:

    Don't mess with Texas!