Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Free Range Alligators

The storm got me thinking of past storms when I lived down South, and thinking of the South always makes me think of alligators. So just because, I bring you some of my Florida vacation pics from 2010.

Theme for the day: Alligators in roadside ditches.

And to think I almost forked over $18.00 to see captive alligators in a park in St Augustine the very morning that I found these guys while just driving around near Cape Canaveral. Why spend the dough when there are so many of them that you can see for free live and up close?

But here's a sign of the times--a sign just for stupid people. Wouldn't you think that everything on here is just common sense? Of course this is in the state where even the natives can't figure out simple things like presidential ballots.


  1. I think I saw those same alligators in the same ditches at NASA last year when I was down there.

  2. "Common" sense is in remarkably short supply, the last few years.

  3. Because somebody will sue if they get bit while trying to pet the nice 'gator.

  4. LOL, yeah there were a couple of gators in the pond at NAS JAX golf course too. You DID NOT try to recover your ball if it went in the water... :-)

  5. About forty-five minutes southeast of Thibodeaux, Lousisiana...

  6. @ The Donald:
    Lived a man called Doc Milsap and his pretty wife Hanna.