Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here we go. Obama offers corrupt bargain to hispanics

"You give me and my people four more years in power, and I'll give you and all of your illegal friends and relatives the keys to this country!"

That's what Obama was basically saying in comments that he made to pet journalists in a "off the record" moment recently. After winning a lion's share of the Latino vote four years ago by promising virtual amnesty to every illegal alien here if he was elected, he turned his back on the Latinos and yanked that promise away like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown after pledging to hold it still for him to kick. He had two years of unchecked power courtesy of majorities on both the House and Senate and he could have--and did--pass everything that he wanted during that time. He also failed to even mention the citizenship-for-illegals promises that he'd made to the Latinos who'd put him there.

Well now here we are again, with Obama fighting for his political life. He was counting on the unions to storm-troop him back into the White House, but they've backed away due to his failure to repay their efforts last time around. He was counting on American college students and young voters, but they're not impressed and polls suggest that they won't be turning out for him either. Same for the Hollywood set and the environmentalists. Four years ago, Barry the Pretender made extravagant promises to all of these widely-divergent special-interest groups, apparently not realizing that if he honored any of them, he'd have to betray one group for every other group that he mollified. He's spent the last four years trying to use all of his power to make each of his donor groups happy, but it almost always came at the expense of other heavily-invested groups and the American people at large. Now nobody's really happy with him, at least to the extent where they're willing to go to the mat campaigning for him or giving him money, and he's falling behind his challenger.

Cue the Hispanics.

"Hey, Jose! Maria! You know I didn't really blow you all off last term," Obama is saying in his fake spanish accent. "What I meant was that I plan to make you all Americans and let you get on welfare and compete against our unemployed citizens for scarce jobs this time around, but you've got to re-elect me first. I'll take care of you this time, I promise! You've just got to trust me!"

Are the Latino voters really that stupid?


  1. We can only hope NOT.

  2. Hopefully NOT! Hopefully...

  3. The Zero says this election boils down to "Who do you trust?"

    For once, he's absolutely right.

  4. Yeah, they are from what I'm hearing.