Sunday, October 28, 2012

It begins

A cold rain is falling now, and the temperature has dropped more than twenty degrees in just a couple of hours.

But Murphy and I are warm and dry in the house, and we've got plenty of provisions, including much beer, and lots of books to read. If the house doesn't flood and if no trees come down on it, and if the plane is unharmed out at the airport, we'll do fine. If you're in the path of it too, best of luck.

Thanks to those who offered help here the last couple of days, and any of our friends are welcome here if things get bad at your own places.

Now for that beer...and come on, Tigers!


  1. Stay safe and keep a log book for future postings!

  2. I hope your power stays on, you stay dry & undamaged, and your team doesn't roll over.

  3. Tie-down or hangar? Either way, good luck - you've done all you can.

    (This is my first hurricane; I think we're prepared, but I hope we only see the edges of it!)

  4. Be safe and well-armed, my friend!

  5. They say you're going to get snow on the west side.