Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Glock before the storm

So because it wasn't raining yet, I took the Glock 21 out for some shooting.

At 7.59 inches long, 5.47 inches high, and 1.27 inches wide, it's not a small pistol. But then I didn't buy it for concealed carry. This one is my "project" Glock. When finished, it'll have a threaded barrel for a suppressor, tall night sights to see over the suppressor, and a light/laser combo for CQB use. Oh--and a suppressor. It'll then do permanent duty as my bedside gun holding 13+1 rounds of some highly effective .45 ACP personal defense round.

Things that go bump in the night would be well advised to go bump someplace else.


  1. My 1911 has been modified only in that I put Crimson Trace grips on it, and use .45+P self-defense ammo. Okay, that last one isn't a mod, just a personal preference.

    I look forward to your finished project, and any updates along the way.

  2. Nice! Keep us informed!

  3. LOL,yeah, I'd go somewhere else too! :-)