Sunday, October 07, 2012

What do you call three lawyers at the bottom of a lake?

No, not "a good start". It's actually a description of what I did today with Aaron of The Shekel and Rob, another lawyer/diver. The three of us went out to Union Lake today for a bit of underwater rest and recreation. Visibility was crummy and water temps were borderline, especially for me, the lone wetsuit diver (the other two had drysuits...sissies.) but it was still just nice to get out and do something to clear the mind after a stressful week.

Here's me.
Since this was an impromptu dive, I had no gear and had to borrow everything but the tank and wetsuit from Aaron. Those items I rented. Since I left my dive leg at home, I just went with one fin and used plastic zip-ties to seal the other leg of the suit.
Snazzy, huh?

Here's Aaron.

No decent shots of Rob, mainly due to the really poor visibility, but here's the next best thing: A crawfish that I caught. He's almost a meal!

Here's me over a sunken boat, one that I suspect an insurance company is probably still looking for.

It even has a copy machine in the stern, but for some reason it wasn't working.
Maybe it needs toner.

Just me again.

And me upside down, with Rob in the background.

A little marine growth, and fish.

And finally it was time to leave.
I suspect that my two-legged friends, having to kick twice as much, were getting tired, so up we went, back to the dry world above, and a microbrewery that Aaron and Rob knew so that we could cap off the day's diving the right way: with beer.


  1. Darn good dive. Glad you could come out and getr a dive in after a lousy week.

  2. I am impressed. Glad to got to get out.

    Diving, Flying, and a walking encyclopedia on firearms? Sheesh. I just drive around on the east coast and shoot pedestrian guns. Badly.

    Looks like a great time and the old "adapt and overcome" on the equipment.

  3. Good times! And you probably wore their asses out! :-)

  4. Glad to see YOU got to get out, Damm auto correct!

  5. Looks like a great day!

  6. Haven't dove since Okinawa long time ago.

    Looks like a grand time.