Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chicago voters re-elect psychotic suspended judge

There's really nothing that I can add to this, other than to suggest--again--that only people who actually work and pay taxes or have served in the military be allowed to vote.

Judge in court to face charges hours after re-election

Cook County judge was suspended from bench, charged with battery in March incident

Even her attorney says that she's psychotic and insane, but she's collected over $90,000 in pay after being suspended (from her $182,000 a year job) and the ignorant masses in Chicago still decided to re-elect her despite the fact that she remains suspended and is barred from even entering the courthouse without a police escort.


  1. Oh, and look at the latest for Jesse Jackson Jr. Landslide win from Mayo Clinic but it appears the best plea deal ifor ethics violations involves resignation. Tell me again how CHicago isn't either massively corrupt or profoundly stupid....

  2. And we have a president with Chicago values. We're screwed.

  3. PH- it's not either or. It's both.