Thursday, November 29, 2012

Election over, B.O. rewards himself with $4 million dollar vacation

Another trip on taxpayer funds, this time back to Hawaii.

Obama planning 20 day Hawaiian holiday.

Conveniently, he plans to be gone when the new taxes he wanted kick in and the fiscal cliff deadline is reached.

But hey, he's not here to actually do things, especially now that he doesn't have to run for re-election again. He's just here to pay back his cronies and supporters and have fun on our dime.

And before the liberals come back with "Well BUSH took a lot of vacation time..." let me remind folks that Bush, like Reagan and even Nixon, went to his OWN property. Those three men had places of their own where security and communications were already taken care of, with is a big difference from spongers like Obama (and Clinton before him) who owns no property but simply moves into the luxury homes of some donors, thoughtless actions which require massive expenditures on security upgrades and staffing every time he does this, not to mention the burden that it puts on the communities that he decides to infest. What? You wanted to go to the beach today? Too's all cordoned off for the Obama kids. You say you live on that street? Oh well...Twenty-minute wait for a K-9 to sweep your car, and no deliveries for the duration since the pizza guy or furniture man haven't bee vetted in advance. Such is life when self-declared royalty decides to couch-surf down the block.

Maybe we need a new law that says that unless a sitting president has his own property to go to--someplace that can be permanently and economically converted to a secure compound and mini-White House--his vacations will be limited to spending time at Camp David, a facility created just for this sort of use. Naturally this would offend Moochelle's bourgeois sensibilities, but since we didn't elect her to a damned thing, she can pound sand or go back to Chicago if she doesn't like it.


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    It is a tough life blaming
    George W.Bush

  2. Worthless piece of dacha owning, limo riding communist shite.

  3. And that's not counting all the hotel rooms they will take!

  4. In deference to your profession, we won't examine why he is safe from sharks.

    One wonders why both he and his wife surrendered their law licenses.

  5. Y'know, I'm going to have to disagree on this one, Murph. While US Presidents aren't royalty and should use discretion when making vacation choices so as not to unduly burden the taxpayers, it should no more be required that a President vacation at a personally-owned home than it should be required of any other US citizen. You don't vacation at your own home, do you? More than likely you go somewhere that appeals to you, where you can relax and try new things, or kick back and enjoy old things.

    Would you believe that there used to be Presidential Yachts manned by US Navy personnel? My maternal grandfather served aboard one of them, the Mayflower. The yacht service was discontinued during the Nixon or Ford administration, but it would have been a good alternative in some cases to flying aboard Air Force One.

    Having said this, I think that President Obama has been less than careful about his vacation practices; stories of the First Lady (and even the First Dog) travelling on separate taxpayer-billed flights is profligate and should be condemned/discouraged. I'd say the same were it a Republican President, too.

    And you know what? I admire the President for not apologizing for/discontinuing his golf habit. Bush was a wimp for allowing the MSM to browbeat him into discontinuing his own golf game.

    My conclusion is this: we don't hire our Presidents to be kings, but neither do we hire them to be flunkies. The President of the United States is the most powerful leader in the free world, and should have corresponding perquisites, whatever his political party.

  6. When I am appointed Supreme Leader, I plan on vacationing in Tijuana annualy. You may accompany me.