Friday, November 09, 2012

Throw a duck a bone.

I'm sure than many if not most of you who read this blog also read View From The Porch by Tam, one of the interweb's best--and snarkiest--gun bloggers.

Well Tam's got some medical issues currently, and she's uninsured, which means medical bills (or a visit from an Obamacare Death Panel hit team, which probably won't end well for them).

Now is the time for all good gun folk to come to the aid of one of our own.

Go to her site. Hit her PayPal link and throw her a bone. She's a good duck, to be sure, and she's worth supporting.

Just do it.


  1. And a few of us are raffling various things to help support her. I'll get a link up to those that I know of tomorrow...

  2. Reconcile this for me: I know you don't like Obamacare, BUT with it, this person would have health insurance. So do you want "lazy liberals" who want handouts and don't take care of themselves, or do you want every individual to be held financially responsible for funding their own healthcare? Obamacare forces people to pay for their own health. So you should like that, right??? Just a glaring double standard I see. (I'm sure you'll find some way to try to spin out of this. But you have to admit, it's really easy to call you on hypocrisy. Like shooting fish in a barrel. You see that, right? Just work on not being such a hypocrite.)

  3. Fels, I favor a system where people are free to buy health care or not, and if they don't, it's on them, not the rest of us. You see, I like this thing called "freedom" and you like a system where the government forces us to do things (called "tyranny").
    So no, I don't like Obamacare, because I don't like being forced to pay for something that I may or may not want, nor do I like the oversight mechanisms it creates to allow the government to check up on us all to make sure that we've paid and otherwise monitor our medical care even if we do buy it.
    Now I know that you're getting off on diving into all of my posts trying to find what you call "hypocrisy" but if you were half as bright as you keep claiming to be, you'd see that there isn't any because it's you who thinks that the apples all look like the oranges.
    But tell you what...go over to Tam's site and suggest that she start supporting Obamacare. We'll see if she doesn't put a foot in your ass just for suggesting it. She likes freedom, too.