Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans' Day shoot

Because we had the time off, and because it was a nice day, Proud Hillbilly and I went out to the range. And because it was Veterans' Day (per the government), I brought a couple of old veterans to shoot.

The Springfield Model 1903 came out to play today, and no Kraut paper plate was safe at 100 yards.
It shot great for a rifle that's almost 80 years old. I think it might actually have another war or two left in it.

Then it was pistol time, and I broke out an old vet that hasn't seen the light of day in years, a Smith and Wesson Victory Model revolver.
Many years ago I got this one at an estate sale. The former owner was a doctor and he'd served in World War Two in the Pacific. According to his daughter, a pilot gave him this pistol for protection, since the island that they were on--she didn't know which one--still had a lot of Japanese on it even though the fighting was for all intents and purposes over. The doctor brought it home at war's end and kept it in his house as a home-defense gun every since. When he died in the early 1990s, they found it in his closet with "very old" ammunition still in the cylinders. Now I have it.
Tough to make out, but it's got the proper "US Property" stamp on the top strap, just ahead of the "GHD" inspector stamp which shows that government inspector Guy H. Drewry approved of this one.

I also sighted my Savage 110 Tactical in at 400 yards. Now I can ring the paper-plate-sized steel every shot, just like Old NFO and his trick SCAR.
OK, this rifle's not a war vet, but the way that Obama's running our country into the ground and siccing his attack dogs on his critics, it way well be one before all's said and done.

Besides, someone told me once that the twenty-first century is when everything changes, and we've got to be ready.


  1. Looks like fun. And well done on the 400-yard sighting; that's cool.

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Sweet looking firearms

  3. I may have a holster that fits that Victory revolver! WWII if memory serves.

    Glad you and PH enjoyed the day, us less fortunate ones had to work.

    I need to pick your brain on the Enfield.... I know AGAIN!

  4. Wish I could have joined you!!! :-)

  5. While I have some pre WWII S&W M&P 38 Special revolver's I never encountered a Victory model that I could purchase. If you want a LH K frame kydex holster let me know I've been making them for myself and family.

  6. @ Keads: We'll get the Enfield together yet.

    @ Old NFO: Me too. They I could have said that I took THREE "old vets" to the range. /snark.

    @ Sport Pilot: Much appreciated. I seem to be amassing K-frames over here and I love to carry them.

  7. I have the later descendant of your revolver in my safe - an MSP surplus Model 10.

    If you're up this way visiting Aaron after the first of the year, I may have something else new for you both to try.