Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Back we are

Murphy and I are finally home, finishing off a long road trip last night with a nice dinner with MSgtB.

It was a long drive, made worse by bad weather, bad drivers and a dog in the back who, despite half a box of Benadryl, still insisted on softly whining for much of the trip.

But the burger and beer with MSgt B. was a good way to end the day on a nice note despite both of us being pretty tired out. Good conversation with good company over good food can do that.

Most posts later...got to get cracking.

Oh--and my Mom was able to get the tooth repaired, and she has not one but two breaks in her wrist. Give her credit--when she does something, be it dinner or breaking bones, she does it right.


  1. Hope you gt a chance to rest.

  2. I was sorry to read about your mom; I hope she'll be okay.

  3. Glad you made it back okay, and hopefully she recovers quickly!

  4. Good seeing you again. Is moms getting a cast?

  5. Bear in mind that wrist injuries can be a big problem to get healed properly. Complicated joint.
    A simple fracture can be a long time healing for some people. Bad results are common.
    I've seen a mechanic forced to retire due to a severely SPRAINED wrist that would not heal.
    Knew a girl who broke her wrist, and one of the bones was discovered to be dying. She was told they might have to replace it with a plastic(?) piece.

    Keep an eye on your mom's wrist. Have it checked as often as possible.

    I won't mention my wrist...