Saturday, December 01, 2012

Jovan Belcher dead after murdering woman. Football fans grieve for him.

The news stories are just now popping up like Mushrooms after a spring rain. Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher just killed himself at Arrowhead Stadium after shooting his girlfriend to death a short distance away. Already countless "fan pages" are springing up lamenting the loss and expressing sympathy for him.

Time out.

This selfish asshole murdered a woman, a woman with whom he'd just created a baby girl. In so doing, he left a three-month old baby girl without a mother. He then deprived that baby girl of a father when he shot himself rather than stand up like a man and face the consequences for what he'd done. He was a loser and a coward as well as a murderer and that's how he needs to be remembered, not as some "poor troubled saint" like his brain-dead lick-spittle fans are trying to memorialize him as being.

Murderer. Coward. Loser. THAT is Jovan Belcher's legacy. Fuck him. Save the sympathy for the innocent murdered woman and her orphaned child.


  1. Agreed-his name should never be spoken again, unless the word murderer is in front of it. If I was a fan of his, I'd burn the jersey with his number on it.

  2. Completely agree with you. Bet a "moment of silence" occurs during the game tomorrow. Better that his name is never mentioned again.

  3. You're thinking of America. This is New America.

    In New America, no one is responsible for what they do and there are no consequences for anyone's selfish actions. Its not his fault.

    Please report to the Re-Education center if you continue to have these aberrant thoughts.

  4. I have to agree. Some people have some pretty shallow lives to get so wrapped up into celebrity worship.

  5. "Save the sympathy for the innocent murdered woman and her orphaned child. "

    110% for that statement.

    I am always amazed how if they are a football player or such in their past but the deal drugs, rob, murder, rape.. it's 'oh the poor young man who had such a great future' and his parents say, no matter what, 'he was sweet boy that would not hurt anyone.. jhe just made some bad choices'.

    OH CRAP ON THEM! I've lived 58 years and never seen the inside of a jail even as a tourist or visitor! Never even threatened with an arrest! Yet they cry so much over someone who is in sports, no matter what!

    Yes prayers for the dead woman and her orphaned child, but the back of my hand for that murdering SOB.

  6. Exactly correct ML. Screw that evil bastard.

  7. I agree. What a s*ht head. Even worse is the worship of the man.

  8. I can not agree more. He went to his workplace and forced other people to witness what he was about to do. That's not sad. It's mean.

    When we heard this the first thing I said was coward.

  9. He pulled the trigger in the wrong order.

    I'm mean, if you're gonna be selfish enough to off yourself and leave your kid without a father, might as well go 100% "ME! ME! ME!" while you're at it.

  10. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Murdering scumbag should proceed his name