Friday, January 25, 2013

He's messing with me again...

I swear, sometimes Murphy could not be more annoying if he were twins.

You know it's cold out when I call him to the door to put him outside so that he can tend to his dog business, only to have him stop about ten feet from the door and refuse all entreaties and direct orders to go outside. These last few days I have had to repeatedly chase him down, take him by the collar, frog-march him to the door, and toss him out onto the porch to get him to go outside.

Now he's added a new trick to his repertoire on top of this: The last couple of days, when it's time to come back in, he'll come to the porch, wait for me to open the door, then look at me and scamper off back out into his run, only to come right back again as soon as I close the door.

Either way, I wind up standing there with the door open, just letting all the heat out for no good reason while he horses around. Like I said, folks...he's a purebred jerk sometimes.
"You can play with me, or I'm gonna play with you."


  1. We sometimes have the two from our kids. One goes in and out just fine but the second refuses to enter or leave with the other. We have to let the one in, shut the door and then re-open it for the second. Asshole.

  2. Maybe he is picking up cues from the neighbor's cats.

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    That innocent looking face could not be devious.Giggle Snort

  4. You have to walk out into the yard with him while he does his business when it's raining, sleeting, snowing or cold enough to make you feel like your freezing. Sometimes it even requires you pretending to take a leak with your dog. That's the curse of having a smart dog, they believe in shared misery.

  5. Two ways to play that: 1. offer a treat if he comes inside. Unfortunately, this is paying the danegeld.

    2. Leave him out there to freeze, even though he's at the door. He's got a thick fur coat; it'll take a while for the cold to knock sense into his paws that if he doesn't want to have the human turn their back and walk way, he needs to be at the door on time every time.

  6. @ Wing: Yeah, I don't pay bribes. And I would leave him out except that he pulls this when I have to leave for work. So far, I can get him back IN without chasing him down but it's just another change in behavior from this guy that has me asking: "now where is THIS coming from all of a sudden?"

    @ Sport: Ain't no way I'm going out there with him. I had to when the run was first repaired and made available to him, but that was a long time ago. He just doesn't want to go OUT because it's cold, and doesn't want to come in because, once out, he's forgotten the cold and is having fun playing in the snow. That said, I will sometimes play in the snow with him for a few minutes, but it's based on when I have time, not his schedule preferences.

  7. He's a dog. He misses you when you are away, and in his doggy mind postponing your departure for work is just one way to spend more time with you. It's just a bonus when he discovers that you find it really annoying, because then he gets even more attention.

    For a bit of payback you could clean his ears and give him a bath when he least expects it.

  8. Strange change is right... Dunno about that one...

  9. Ha ha ha! I have 2 beasts that do the same thing to me. Whine that they want out but won't go out when it's cold. I've had to shove their butts outside and quickly close the door behind.