Friday, January 18, 2013

"I'm the only one here responsible enough to play with this gun!"

Former Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin, shown here on the right, acts stupidly with an M-4 rifle in concert with his anti-gun police superintendent and toady Warren Riley, was just indicted today on 21 felony counts related to corruption in office.
"Trust me, I only have your best interest in mind" say the people who keep breaking the laws and stealing from us, typically while protected by their own armed security goons.

Anti-gunners. It would be so much easier to take them seriously--and so much harder to suspect them of hidden agendas--if so many of them were not so ethically and morally defective and just plain ignorant about the weapons that they want to take from you and me.

Maybe Nagin and Riley--long-time supporters of gun bans--could get together with Virginia Democrat Joe Morrissey, shown here with his thumb on the trigger of a rifle that he promises is unloaded:
These guys could form a new group called "Armed Stupid Simpletons Have Only Love for Everybody". That way, when someone proposes gun bans or more gun control, the rest of us can ask them if they belong to Nagin and Morrissey's group: "What are you, an (insert acronym here)"?

And this guy could be their public spokesman.

I understand that he's looking for work these days.

Yeah, I'll give up MY guns, because I trust clowns like these guys to protect me and look after my best interests. You do too, right?


  1. I heard the Nagin thing a little bit ago and wondered if it was all Bush's fault.

  2. I totally agree, that guy should be the poster child for the anti-gun movement.

  3. Yeah ... not so much.

  4. I trust our new overlords implicitly.

  5. What guns, I don't have any... And those are SCARY!!!

  6. Ummm... I guarantee the majority of the students that have never held one before tomorrow will do better than that after class.


  7. It is ok when they do these things. They are serving a "noble" purposes.

  8. Amazing how many of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns have been charged and convicted of serious felonies.

    It's almost as if their anti-gun stance is due to their projection of their criminal tendencies unto the law abiding citizenry.

  9. Anonymous5:52 PM

    ProudHillbilly it is Bush's fault like everything else

  10. Bush is so depressed about being at fault for everything imaginable, he turned down his invite to Bambi the King's inauguration. Another no show to the big non-event.

  11. Keep on Preachin' This stuff is really unbelievable. And, a kindergardner gets suspended for shooting a toy gun that shoots bubbles...a "terrorist act"!

    GOD help us!!!

  12. "Corruption? In New Orleans? Inconceivable!"

    - Double Fake Vizzini