Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mauser test AAR

So I took the Turkish Mauser out to the range for an evaluation today. I guess the phrase "Caveat Emptor" still applies as I made the following discoveries:

1. the ejector is broken or missing. Spent cartridges have to be levered off of the bolt face manually.

2. The firing pin spring is either gunked up or worn or broken. Primer hits are light and rounds have to be hit twice to go off.

3. The front sight was drifted as far to the left as it could possibly go by parties unknown. Unsurprisingly, the rifle hits about a foot to the right at 100 yards. (Who the hell does stuff like this? Are you telling me that some Turk actually shot this rifle like that?) The sight, as is typical with these old rifles, resisted the entreaties of the hammer that I borrowed at the range to try to drift it back. Heat and a bigger hammer are going to be required.

On the plus side of the ledger: It's spang on for elevation with the rear sight set to 100 meters. Typically these old rifles will print way high or way low but this one...right where it should be, except off the target to the right, that is. And the windage is fixable. Also it has a nice clean break to the trigger and seems to group reasonably well. No deformities or problems noted with the brass or extraction of same. I think that it'll be a pretty good shooter once I correct items 1-3 above.

Silver lining: I have a workbench project for those rainy days when I don't feel like going out to shoot. I will rehab this old warhorse and then I'll seriously enjoy shooting it. The nice people at Sarco have the parts that I need so this shouldn't take too long.


  1. All minor, easily fixed issues. My Turk is one of those 'Never get rid of' rifles.

  2. @ Carteach: I agree. It'll give me a bit of fun and satisfaction to fix it. I've already corrected the front sight problem courtesy of the propane torch and ball-peen hammer that are central to my "old rifle sight drifting kit", so now I'm just waiting on the parts from Sarco to finish the job. Heck, if they all worked right every time, how boring would that get?

  3. Hey i just found one of the Mauser's i been looking for a 1909 7.65x53 argentine mauser now all i got to do is afford it.

  4. Glad there were only a couple of MINOR problems... :-)

  5. Anonymous11:53 AM

    At least it is not a leftist shooter