Friday, February 15, 2013

Now this is what I call a "Happy Ending".

In St. Louis, two burglars tried to break into a man's home. One, a fifteen year old punk-in-training named Demetrius Murphy, was shot by the home owner and he assumed room temperature shortly thereafter. And this being Missouri, his accomplice and fellow punk, seventeen year old Michael A. Bryant III, was charged with burglary and second degree murder for the death of Murphy.

St. Louis Teen charged in deadly burglary attempt.

Apparently Murphy and Bryant were taking a break from "turning their lives around" as their mommas or aunties will shortly tell the media that they were doing.

I love the felony murder rule that holds criminals totally liable for ANY death that occurs in the commission of a felony, even the death of a co-criminal. More states should apply it, along with an absolute bar against any lawsuits by the criminals or their families for injuries or deaths which occur during said crimes.

Frankly, this is why we have guns, and this sort of thing occurs daily somewhere in America, unlike mass shootings by psychos that the liberals live to play up. But then it's only the latter incidents that get the major media attention because they fit with the liberal agenda of disarming you, me, and people like the law-abiding homeowner who aired Demetrius Murphy out.


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  2. Thanks for that ML! Good news and a good law to boot!

  3. It might be said that Demetrius is now just Detritus so to speak.

  4. Don't be too quick to jump for joy.

    What happens the next time cops do a no-knock raid at 3 AM and the cops accidentally shoot a child...and then plant weed on you. You're the murderer?

  5. Aaron,

    Welcome to the blog. That said, I have to point out that this story had nothing to do with the police or drug raids. Rather than stretch credulity trying to find a scenario that differs totally from the one in this story, how about we just celebrate the fact that a citizen is alive today and a thug is dead because the citizen had access to a firearm.
    The other thug going to prison, maybe for life, is just icing on the cake.

  6. Don't get me wrong--I'm glad a criminal is going to jail. I'm just a little worried about the path the government is taking to get there.

    I could easily say "Awesome--the government is loading Americans into cattle cars--good thing they are getting some criminals too".

    I think it's wrong for the police/prosecutor to charge someone with murder when they didn't actually murder someone.

    The bad guy that died was given the same choice to do something bad. He made the wrong choice and died because of it.

    The bad guy who lived didn't force the bad guy who died into the situation (as far as I know). I hope he spends an appropriate amount of time in jail for his stupidity and when he gets out, follows a better path.

    Thanks for blogging by the way--I've been 'lurking' for about six months now and it's kept me entertained.