Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh, bother.

My "Alaska" coffee mug--the one with the picture of the bear on it that I bought the last time I was in Alaska--has a chip in it, the sort of chip that is usually prelude to a crack. I do love this mug. It holds like two cups of coffee and I'll always remember braving the wilds of W. 5th Ave. in Anchorage to buy it while I was killing the last few hours prior to my flight out. (I'd have spent the afternoon with a certain blogger reverend but he was ironically in Hawaii while I was trudging through the snow in his home town.) Now I'll have to go back up there and get another one. Maybe Rev. Paul will even be home this time.
So figuring airfare to Anchorage, taking Rev. Paul out to lunch, then the rental car for the obligatory trip up to Fairbanks to see Trooper Tom and his way-cool and fast-growing family, the cost of a replacement coffee mug is somewhere around fourteen hundred bucks, plus or minus 20%.

I really should learn to be more careful when washing dishes.


  1. Heh. Wife/kiddo bought me a coffee mug from Disney store a few years ago for Daddy's Day. Its Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), and holds several cups' worth of nectar. I baby that mug!

  2. If you talk real sweet, I might even be persuaded to ship a similar cup to you. Not that lunch wouldn't be nice. Heh.

  3. Ouch... Dat's gonna be an expensive coffee cup... :-(

  4. What would it cost you to take your own plane there? And, would you attempt it at this time of year? Maybe you could dragoon a fellow blogger or two to help defray expenses.

    Hmm, might be more practical to throw a dab of epoxy on the mug, and think about a summer trip, instead.