Sunday, February 03, 2013

RIP Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL officially credited with 150 confirmed kills in Iraq, was murdered in Texas, shot in the back at a gun range, apparently by a 25 year old man that Kyle was trying to help overcome PTSD issues.

Decorated Navy SEAL Killed in Double Shooting at Gun Range

Kyle leaves behind a wife and two children.

Kyle's autobiographical book about his service to our country can be found here. America has once again lost a good man too early.


  1. Truly sad, and thoughts and prayers go out to the families of both.

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Very Sad

  3. Prayers going out to his friends and family. Rest in Peace, Mr. Kyle, you've more than earned it.

    Whatever you do, do NOT go over and read the article/comments at HuffPo or WaPo. Unless you're looking to anger yourself enough to turn big and green.