Thursday, February 14, 2013

Students told to quit being patriotic at school game.

Yep. In California. (Where else?)

High school kids were told to remove American flag-themed bandanas and stop chanting "USA, USA!" because school administrators felt that it might offend other students there. The students in question were briefly suspended for this behavior but then the school administrators realized what they'd done (probably after consultation with an attorney who'd read the First Amendment) and vacated the suspensions.

The school has a large hispanic student body. The administrators felt that hearing other students cheering for America might offend some of them.

Patriotic chanting and attire sparks suspensions and racism claims.

OK, so if the "hispanic" students are here--in America--is it not because they are either Americans themselves or wish to be? If if neither of those apply, isn't their presence here an admission by them and their parents that America is actually superior to wherever it is that they came here from? Otherwise they'd still be back there, right?

So if the "hispanic" students are American, by birth or naturalization, they can't be offended because they're part of the USA just like everyone else. They should be joining in those cheers and some probably were. And if the "hispanic" students are here illegally or still consider themselves to be Mexicans, Salvadorans or whatever, then who the hell cares if they're offended? We Americans are paying for their education so they need to suck it up or go back home. But in any case, pride in our country should never take a back seat to the feelings of anyone else, least of all any uninvited trespassers who might or might not be present. What next? Dipping our flag for that of some other country because that country has some of it's people here obtaining benefits from us?

My head hurts from banging it on the computer.


  1. There is simply something critically wrong with anyone who would display the American flag with pride. The heroes of our present day are the Occupy Wall Street gang -- they burned the flat.

    When will you join the ranks of the Progressive Movement, Mr. Lagniappe and begin to get it right?

    Tearing, burning and "scatting" on the American flag=Good

    Cheering for America and pride in who we are=Bad

  2. I keep wondering what happened to the America that I remembered when I was young..? The American that was proud to be American and the rest of the world can just suck on it if they didn't like it. Yeah that America. We cannot have pride on our country..but others can feel nationalistic about theirs..? Something is terribly wrong with it.

  3. Soon it will be several national flags flying and multiple national anthems played.

  4. We just need to give California back to Mexico, they've pretty much taken it over anyway... It's no longer American in thought, word or deed.

  5. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I weep for Our Country.
    As for the 'progressives' who have bastardized our educational system, f' 'em!
    I'm betting these are the same folks who allowed Latino students to raise the Mexican flag and take down Old Glory.
    Shameful and wrong.
    Like Mexico? Live there. I'm Irish and German heritage, but I'm an American damnit!


  6. Oh good grief. That doesn't even make sense...

  7. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I have a large lump on my head over this one.