Friday, March 01, 2013

Another failed liberal idea kicks local businesses in the junk.

In Seattle, naturally. Couldn't happen to a better city.

Store owners say plastic bag ban causes more shoplifting

The liberals who believe that they are so much smarter and better-intentioned than everyone else mandated that local businesses stop using disposable plastic shopping bags for customer purchases. Now the grocery stores that were forced to comply are seeing a massive uptick in shoplifting as local residents are using their own bags and backpacks to conceal and steal tons of merchandise.

They also point to a rise in e.coli-related illnesses as many of the customers/shoplifters fail to wash the bags that they use to carry the food that they've bought or stolen, but hey--that's what we have Obamacare for, right?

Sadly, the liberal thinking is so pervasive in that area that even many of the businesses that are affected are afraid to go on record for fear of being labeled "anti-homeless" in the local community.

So being "anti-homeless" is now a bad thing for a business that wants to attract and keep the business of decent folk? Is Seattle really so far gone that parents actually want their children exposed to hordes of unwashed crazy people who walk around talking to themselves with their hands down their pants? I guess I'm wrong for Seattle, as I'd only patronize businesses that took efforts to keep people like that out of their stores and away from the food that I plan to buy and consume.

I remind business owners plagued by local liberals (or unions, or high taxes or anti-gun legislatures) that relief is only a relocation away. Pack up your business and move to a free state, and watch your profits soar and your losses due to taxation, regular theft and frivolous litigation just melt right away. Or stay and suffer. Either way, every business owner ultimately gets to vote with their feet by deciding to stay and suffer the liberals or move to places where American values still predominate. Gun businesses and manufacturing concerns are starting to get it. How long before other businesses small and large start seeing the light and moving away from areas blighted by unrestrained liberalism?

I'm thinking that Rand's Atlas Shrugged needs to be mandatory reading in all colleges and advanced high school programs, as we're starting to see the producers of this country emulate the ones in that book and moving away from the second-handers and repressive government meddling. This is a good thing that we need to see happen more often. And then, of course, we need to find some way to keep the liberals who have ruined places like the west coast and the northeast from following the businesses that they've chased away and flooding into other red states like hordes of locusts, bringing their constant carping and demands for massive regulation and higher taxes with them.


  1. And that's one of the primary (and best) arguments for States Rights and the restriction of Federal interference in our lives.

    There's such a push to make everything homogenous everywhere you go now across America. If the power of the Federal Government isn't curbed to the point where they can't tinker and interfere with every little aspect of our lives.... then not only will your city (or neighborhood, or state) no longer reflect your values and ideals, but you'll also have no where to go to escape because everywhere else its the same damn thing.

  2. Lived in King County for 18 years. Watched the liberal enjoy the no state income tax and, then drive their minivans to Oregon for major shopping, to take advantage of no sales tax. Still wanted more and better government "stuff".

  3. Rampant stupidity, and the little folks are paying for it...