Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mark Kelly--putting the "Ass" in "Astronaut"

So former astronaut Mark Kelly, Married to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, decides that guns are bad and should be banned.

Fine. Whatever.

To that end, Kelly and his wife use their celebrity status to form a group called Americans for Responsible Solutions, a gun-control group seeking to ban many firearms that real Americans own.

Again, whatever. In America, you can take any political position that you want and stand up for your beliefs. That's what makes America great.

The issue here though is one of hypocrisy, coupled with dishonesty.

Mark Kelly went into a gun shop the other day--just before going to speak out at a rally for gun control--and bought for himself both a .45 pistol and an AR-15 rifle. This is the same rifle that he and his wife want the government to ban and perhaps even take away from you and I. But nonetheless, Kelly bought one for himself, apparently thinking that no one would ever know. But someone ratted him out and now Kelly instead of owning up to his double standard, Kelly is on the offensive, claiming that he "just bought it to show how easy it is to get one" and he says that he plans to turn it over to the police department as soon as he takes delivery of it.

Yeah, Mark. We believe you. Sure. And had you not been caught, this rifle would no doubt be on it's way to your own gun safe, where it would reside while you railed against gun ownership for the rest of us. Apparently you're just another gun banner who subscribes to the mantra of "Guns for me but not for thee".

Maybe he and his wife and fellow gun owner Dianne Feinstein will go target shooting with their guns in between their rallies calling for more gun control.


  1. So he wanted to buy one to show how easy it is for a person who can legally own a gun to get one? Kind of seems pointless, but whatever. I think a better exercise would be for him to keep the gun and see how long it takes for it to make him transform into a murderous psychopath.

  2. Wonder why he had to wait to pick it up? Nothing in the press about that.

  3. You want to give people who have had the tragedy they have had some space, and respect their actions as honest. But my ability to respect Kelly went into the toilet with this.

  4. I think you are a little harsh on them, they only want an AR15 to duck hunt with and the 45 ACP is a fine deer hunting round especially from a 1911.

  5. He's using Gifford as a FRONT... Trot her out for 15 words, and on to the next presser...

  6. When I was a boy astronauts were heroes, above everything, especially petty politics. I guess the standards have been lowered since then though.

  7. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Can you say lying hypocrite?

  8. Hmmm, since he was going to 'turn it in', isn't that actually a straw purchase???

  9. What Paladin said. Excellent comment..."keep the gun and see how long it takes for it to make him transform into a murderous psychopath"

    Cuz that's what they do.

  10. Major Jackass Award candidate!! No one in their right mind who can legally buy in AZ forks over $1000+ for a weapon to turn in to "show how easy it is." The guy's a well-known astronaut in AZ, especially in the Tucson area, so his claim is backpeddling BS. He is known to have a security clearance and not be a felon, so along with his driver's license he can buy a long gun in AZ. What a hypocrit. I've long suspected he would try to capitalize on Gabby eventually. Never thought it would be as puppetmaster and liar.

    He probably has to wait for pick up either because they were out of stock, or his residency is shown as Texas (Houston). Probably out of stock...