Thursday, March 07, 2013

North Korea threatened to do what?

The little punk who runs North Korea just publicly threatened to nuke the United States.

He even showed a video of New York City in post-apocalyptic ruins.

I guess that Obama's foreign policy is really paying off in spades, huh? I mean, these foreign dictators sure respect and fear us now, don't they?

Does anyone here think that such a threat would have been made with either George W. Burh or Ronald Reagan in the White House? I suspect that had it been, we'd have heard it countered with the phrase "...the radioactive parking lot formerly known as North Korea."

But then after four years of watching us getting punked by the entire Middle East, half of Latin America, China, Russia and the European Union as Obama alternatly dithered, golfed, vacationed and apologized to those who've dissed and/or threatened us, North Korea probably figured "Why not get in on this game, too?"

I weep for my country, or at least for the part that fought the good fight to try to keep Obama from getting re-elected last November.


  1. I would think it is reasonable to turn N. Korea's backyard to glass right now. These kind of threats can only be answered one way.

    In the old west if you threatened a man's life, he could kill you on the spot and the community would think it was perfectly justified.

  2. If he tries it 0bama will just call him and ask him not to do it any more.

  3. I must have missed that one, but then I've been in a meeting since 0700.

  4. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Nuke his dog eating fat a$$