Thursday, April 18, 2013

Airshow pressured by loony left caves.

So because one alleged "artist" from Mexico started an on-line petition reportedly signed by "dozens" of people, the upcoming Dayton Air Show scrapped a pyrotechnic display featuring the B-29 Fifi and a simulated atomic bomb.

Air Show cancels fake bomb drop after outcry
Re-enactment was desitgned to mark the end of World War II

Dammit. This sort of rampmant political-correctness-run-amuck is the sort of thing that I'd expect from spineless government officials, not organizers of a show dedicated to the air power that keeps America, and by extension the rest of the free world, free.

Frankly, who cares what Gabriela Pickett thinks? Before she set up her leftist art center in Dayton, her most relevant job was as a quality control checker at an underwear factory. She's never produced anything tangible or contributed anything to our country except criticism, and now she's used a tribute to the great people who ended a war and preserved world peace as a springboard for her own "hey, look at me" moment. And the airshow, sadly enough, obliged her, even though she could only get a few scattered losers and kooks to sign her petition. And some of those kooks hail from Japan, and they don't deserve a say in matters like this since they started the war and caused world misery on a scale that not only required that atomic bombs be dropped on them as the only way to end it but justified it morally.

Shame on the air show folks for caving. Seriously.

But here at Lagniappe's Lair, Murphy and I will have our own B-29 tribute with pics and video of Fifi shot at last year's Thunder over Michigan show.

There's even video.

Oh, and because I'm all immature and stuff:

Screw every damned one of you America-hating "peace activists" who smugly enjoy the peace and security that our military provides.


  1. Great post ML! I just threw up a little though. I cry for what this country has become.

  2. Keads beat me to that comment.


  3. Hear hear pity you cant take her up in Fifi and drop her out the bomb bay.

  4. I am sick of all the catering to the limp wristed, tree hugging, dope smoking, anti christian bed wetters.
    The last line it you post sums it up best.

  5. Over the years I've donated several thousand dollars to get FiFi flying again.

    Good job CAF!

  6. Maybe we should consider listening to this crap after Japan apologizes to the Chinese, Korean and allied non-combatant victims of the Japanese military machine during the war. Hah, they'll never man up and do that.

  7. I got nothing to add to Keads' comment. Its sickening, really, what's happening in this country.

  8. Dude, that was epic. The next time I get a troll you are cordially invited to the party. You have a way with words I can only sit back and admire.

  9. Agree with you 100%

    I have to say that the gal standing by Fifi, is great.