Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big brass ones

OK< if I still had heroes left, this guy'd be one of them. He scuba dives 83 feet to the bottom of an Arizona lake, and then drops headfirst down a very tight and restrictive mine shaft, bottoming out at an insane 171 feet under water. Then he swims back into the mine, exploring 800 feet of tunnels over six dives. Mad skillz are involved here (cave diving, deep diving and technical diving skills) plus a boatload of guts. Watch it full screen.

I want to do this. I would kill to do this and other dives like this. Now if only my dive buddy would get over his fixation on safety, I'm thinking that we could top this somewhere.

Who dares, wins.


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I want no part of diving into mines caves etc.

  2. No way, José. At 6'1", I don't consider myself unduly claustrophobic - would favorably consider caving in some small quarters - just not underwater.

    Wonder what kind of mine (possibly it was on the video - I was looking at other stuff part of the time while it ran)? I assume maybe an old copper or gold mine in a valley later dammed and flooded for a lake?

    But you're right - dude's got major cojones to do all that.

  3. Major kudos to the guy! But its not for me. Large, deep bodies of water are usually looking for ways to remind us that they're not humanity's friend.

  4. Give it time and we'll get you (and me for that matter) safely to that level of diving.

    Remember the key rule: Everybody comes back.

    The Donald: It's a flooded gold mine on the bottom of Lake Mohave. The lake was created when the Davis Damn was built on the Colorado river.

  5. Or dies... Just sayin...

  6. I have PADI Dive Master rating (and that was when Dive Master was after you took open water, advance open water, night diving, rescue diving, and deep diving. Even assisted for six months teaching classes.) Been to Cozumel, Virgin Islands, Destin Florida, Arkansas, Lake Tahoe, and other dives.

    But I would not cave dive unless there is GOLD or something worth my hide. Yes it is quite dangerous and there are plenty of people who don't come back.

    So unless there is mucho money in it... no thanks.