Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Britain is officially no longer great.

They say that you can measure a person by the quality of his or her enemies. Well if that's the case, The late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is worthy of canonization looking at the sewage overflow of dregs and losers that are out celebrating her demise.

The flames of hatred: 30 years of loathing for Baroness Thatcher explodes in celebrations of her death.

I used to think of the English as always being classy and reserved, but apparently that was the old generation, represented by Baroness Thatcher. This new breed of chavs and professional layabouts that passes for citizenry in that country appears bent on demonstrating that the old ways of respect and courtesy are gone forever, along with all of the other attributes of British culture that made that country so respected the world over.

Damned shame.

RIP, Baroness Thatcher. You did more for England and the world than every one of your detractors and their countless illegitimate kids will ever do.


  1. That's Baroness Thatcher, a damn tough lady.

  2. Anonymous7:32 AM

    They've been un-great ever since she left office.

  3. Happy Birthday (Apr 10) ML! Have a great one!

  4. Word is that it's your birthday . . . .

    Happy Birthday sir!! Hope you enjoy your day!!

  5. NPR's report the other day wasn't all that different. You'd think with all those people to interview they could find someone with a brain.

    Oh- and happy birthday!

  6. @ scotchdave: Correction made. Thanks!
    @ aaron and eiaftinfo: Thank you, kind sirs!

  7. No problem, and happy birthday.

  8. In all those pictures I saw one reveler who was definitely alive during Thatcher's years as PM.

    Which is pretty droll when you think about it. It's like seeing a photographic negative of the scenes of campus mourning after Teddy Kennedy's funeral: Mary Jo who, now?