Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Don't think that's gonna buff out.

In Cottonwood, AZ, a student pilot mistook a road for the runway.

Story here.

Now maybe things have changed since I was a student pilot back in the day, but my flight school would never have let me do night solo time at 11:22PM in their plane. In fact, they'd have never let me do night solo time at all as a student in one of their rentals.

I'm thinking that there's a bit more to this one than the news article says.


  1. Yep, something isn't right... "Something"...

  2. I used to live in South Florida, near a road that ran almost due west into a conservation area north of the Everglades. Every few weeks, one of the "field sales reps" for the "undocumented pharmacists" would put a plane down on that road. Don't know, but I suspect it was when they attracted some attention from los federales. Convenient landing strip when ditched planes are just part of the costs.

  3. PA-28? Fairly expensive for training.

    Pilot from Oklahoma? Night VFR solo?
    Departed from? Plane owned by?

    My guess. Someone with enough money to buy that airplane, and control it's use, with just enough training to be dangerous.

  4. Oh--they updated the story with another pic and now the N-number is visible. Apparently the plane was just sold to someone in Oklahoma in March of this year but the name's not apparent yet. Give it time; the FAA will release that info soon and it'll be in a dozen on-line databases shortly.

    This is why you will never see a picture of my plane that shows it's N- number.

  5. That is such an owwie.

  6. Stupidity usually provides its own reward.

  7. I've been in Alabama and Georgia all week.

  8. I'm thinking that there's a bit more to this one than the news article says.

    There always is. News is a good place to hear about a story, but you really have to do research after that, to find out what's actually happening.

  9. Hmmmm...would that be "bent", "pranged", or "crashed"?