Sunday, May 12, 2013

Terrorist Suppression Team, Juvenile Division.

Took my houseguests shooting yesterday. Pretty much the whole range shut down to watch an 11 y/o girl take out her targets in full-auto style.

After a bout with the Mk 43, she decided to try her skills with the Uzi.

The poor target log never stood a chance.

Next, Papa Bear got on the big gun. If he looks familiar, it's because he's an Alaska State Trooper and you've probably seen him on TV arresting bad guys and punching out grizzly bears.

Excellent control and every round right on target. I had some great footage of him with the Uzi too, but like a doofus, I was holding the camera upside down, and since it was only an Android, there was no fixing that.

It was great having them here, and Murphy is missing his new young friend today. Here's hoping that they come back again soon.


  1. Nice! And glad they got down for a visit!!!

  2. Grizzly punching...

    That kicked over my giggle box.