Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bad day in aviation--Wing Walker Jane Wicker has crashed.

Just happened at the Dayton, Ohio air show. Wing Walker Jane Wicker and her pilot Charlie Schwenker were killed when their plane hit the ground during a stunt.

It's on video, but it may be disturbing for some of you.

RIP, both of them.


  1. Hey Murphy

    Yes it is a sad day in Aviation:( From what I gathered from the video, it looks like the motor stalled out for a moment, he lost power, corrected the slide and went into a shallow dive trying to recover his lift and ran out of air. Very sad, you don't see "barnstormers" like you used to, they are a rare breed.

  2. Damn, you have to wonder what happened in those last few seconds. Mechanical failure? Pilot error? Sucks no matter what. RIP to some fine aviators.

  3. It is obvious they were to low and when you roll a plane it loses altitude UNLESS the nose is up and enough power is given to compensate.

    It was a very stupid maneuver not unlike the P-38 that crashed at Duxford UK years ago.

    Unlike a car, you can't just stop a bad move at low altitude. You run out of airspace and no way to jump.

  4. Ouch, looks like he lost power for a moment, which was 'just' enough to kill them. At least they went out doing what they loved! May they both RIP!

  5. My estimation: He shoulda rolled sooner.

    But we'll never know what his motivation was. Even a small distraction at 110 IAS and 100 feet is all it takes.

    Pilot error and as Paul said: "You run out of airspace and no way to jump." It's all over.

    R.I.P. Jane & Charlie.

  6. Anonymous4:41 PM

    RIP May God comfort their families