Friday, June 07, 2013

So where are they?

Now that the Obama massive "eavesdropping on Americans" scandal is blowing up and it's come to light that B.O. has authorized the federal government to read all of our e-mails and texts and listen to our phone calls in the name of "preventing terrorism", where are all of these people who were so wrapped around the axle five or six years back when they heard that the Bush administration was monitoring a few phone conversations between people in this country and known or suspected terrorists overseas? The outrage was massive then, and now that we've got a much broader, much more intrusive surveillance program aimed at each one of us, most of the people who were so upset at the Bush Administration's small, focused spying program are curiously silent now.

Maybe it's because Obama has a "D" after his name and not an "R" and most of those screaming bloody murder back then were "D"s? Or maybe the so-called "civil libertarians" from those days went on vacation with all of the "anti-war" activists who protested Iraq and Afghanistan full-time right up until the day that Obama took office, at which time, they all disappeared.

Or maybe Obama's supporters are too embarrassed to speak out now that their idol has shown himself to be a despotic emperor worthy of the company of Nero or Caligula.

Nah, if they weren't ashamed to watch Barry go to war in Libya and the Sudan without congressional approval, escalate the Afghan war, keep Guantanamo prison open, and launch drones to kill American citizens and other non-combatants overseas AFTER they gave this guy a Nobel Peace Prize, then they have no shame and cannot be embarrassed.

So what's the story, Obama supporters? I'd really love to hear from a few of you here. Please comment and justify the implementation of this massive American surveillance program, especially in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security's insanely huge ammunition purchases as of late.

I mean, from where I'm sitting, it looks like someone is getting ready to go to war against a lot of other somebodies. So please, Obama supporters, tell me and other concerned Americans how that's either a good thing or else explain how it's really just all a great big misunderstanding.

I'll check back from time to time and look for your replies when I'm on break from ammunition loading and weapon cleaning and preparing for the IRS audit that I'm sure will be coming along soon.


  1. I shall take the obvious risks by writing the t-r-u-t-h.

    One of the most inviolate laws of Liberalism is that b-l-a-c-k people have been so oppressed and mistreated throughout the ages that (A) Whatever they do wrong is understandable and excusable; and (B) Therefore, anyone who dares criticize a b-l-a-c-k person is a racist; and (C) Therefore, it follows that mere silence is not sufficient, a true Liberal must proactively support any b-l-a-c-k person because that person is b-l-a-c-k.

    It's not that the Obama supporters actually approve of these abridgments of American freedom, but rather, they would feel guilty about expressing their misgivings. So guilty, in fact, that they would need to consult a psychiatrist.

    And if they consult a psychiatrist, then, under Obamacare, their medical records would become fair game for the Obama administration.

    [I don't feel guilty about expressing the foregoing, so Obama can't get the records on me from the psychiatrists. His administration therefore has no choice but to tap into my telephone and internet records.]

  2. Crickets??? Is that what I'm hearing???

  3. Negative, Old NFO Not crickets. Crickets are nice and harmless.

    What you're hearing is the sound of evil, Socialist locusts banging on our Constutional rights.

    A plague of locusts is a devastating, well cordinated unnatural disaster.

    These infestations of dirtbag liberals have been feared throughout America's history but they have been repelled numerous times by stout-hearted Conservative folks with good Christian values.

    Unfortunately, under the guise of "equality" they still wreak havoc today.

  4. Anonymous12:06 AM

    You are 100% correct about the "D" and "R" thing

  5. There is no direct reply to your question because in liberal world the means justifies the end and the end is an imaginary world. Therefore, by and large all of this is fine with liberals.

    And don't assume that there is not conversation about this post going on. However, lacking a coherent answer, the conversation will revolve around you being divisive, ignorant, a teabagger, etc., rather than addressing your statements/questions. Because in liberal world that's what people who disagree with them are.