Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Clear Prop! Destination: New Market, VA

After being grounded for a couple of weeks by bad weather, I finally caught a break yesterday afternoon and zipped out to the airport for a flight.
Dashboard Dinosaur says "Let's do this!"

But first we had to wait for this Citabria to get out of the way.
I didn't mind, though. I want one. Citabrias, like bow ties, are cool. Note the C-5 in the background.
Houston, we have clouds.

Fortunately the clouds were not storm clouds (yet) so they were not a factor as I flew along below them. They only became a factor when I had to cross a couple of mountain ridges and the clouds were close enough to the mountain tops to be a VFR no-no. So what to do?

Hey, there to the east is Highway 81. 81 goes to New Market. 81 runs through the Shenandoah Valley--no mountains there. So I dropped into the valley over 81 and commenced IFR flying: "I Follow Road". See the North Fork of the Shenandoah River meandering?

Look--a rainbow. Rainbows--like Citabrias and bow ties--are cool.

And here's Woodstock, VA.

Farther on down, I found New Market, VA's little airport. They hid it well between a grove of trees and a chicken farm, but I found it.
Landing at New Market, I found the place to be deserted. So I shoved my plane off into a corner and began to the place out.
Looking around, I found this neat sign that pretty much sums up rural airport operations:
Eventually a fellow rode up on a lawn mower. It was Tommy, the airport worker, who was mowing the lawn down by the hangars. He was a nice guy and when I asked about food within walking distance, he obligingly drove me into town to get a burger. Thanks, Tommy!

Tommy tells me that they do skydiving here. I may just have to come back and do that.

After a while, I took off again and headed east, taking care not to overfly the chicken coops. I did overfly this pond full of cows, though:
It's like a cowcuzzi.

Next, I followed Route 21 through the mountain pass over to Luray.
Made a quick full stop and turn around at Luray just to do it, then took off again, heading back for home.
Here's a dam on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River.

The river again, with mist over the water as it meanders.

Eventually I made it back home at dusk and made my last landing of the night.
And it was a nice, smooth "no dinosaur" landing, meaning that I settled in softly enough not to topple the dashboard dinosaur.

Hey, you've got your standard of excellence, I've got mine, ok?


  1. I enjoy your guided tours, sir. And good landing too. :)

  2. More. Aerial. Photos.


    I really enjoy your flying posts.

    New Market rings bells, VMI cadets and such. 'Twas a long time ago.

  3. @ Rev. Paul: It's not as interesting as where you live, but glad to oblige.

    @ OldAFSarge: I'll do what I can, weather and fuel prices permitting. Glad you're liking them.

  4. Nice! and good pics too!

  5. I always enjoy your flight posts...

    Dann in Ohio

  6. Nice flight and nice commentary. You're a luck guy to be able to follow your dreams. I wish I'da followed my hankering to soar with the birds years ago. I didn't, but alas that's another story.

    I've taken Rte-81 South from Harrisberg, Pa. to my place in Hendersonville, NC. My first trip was in 1974 and the road hasn't really changed that much over the past 40 years. Central Virginia has a great scenic grandeur about it.

    I'm headed back to Hendersonville for good in September and I expect I'll spend my last years just hanging out in some of the finest country America has to offer.

  7. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Thank-You for sharing these pictuers and comments

  8. Flying posts are great!
    My flying days ended with by-pass surgery. Hope you don't mind me riding in the right seat.