Friday, July 05, 2013

Man arrested for driving WW2 armored car with replica gun in Michigan

Granted, the replica .50 caliber machine gun was a propane-firing prop that had a report and muzzle flash like a real one and he was firing it...

1 arrested when police find modified machine gun in Shelby Township

video platform Now in the interest of full disclosure, there've been times when I thought about getting a military vehicle with a gun mount for my own toys, but the idea of driving around on public streets firing blanks with them honestly never crossed my mind much less struck me as being any sort of good idea.

Still, I hope that John Lynd, who is still being held as of this writing, gets this straightened out and eventually gets his M-20 armored scout car back. It's a beautiful machine and this shouldn't warrant his losing it.


  1. Another over the top response, at least he's arrested not DEAD...

  2. Poor judgement on his part, though.

  3. Gotta agree with Rev. Being a WW2 history nut, I hope he gets it back and that it doesn't rust away in some repo lot (or get sorta stands out, kinda hard to hide), but one has to wonder what was going through his mind when he pulled the trigger. Having a permit and firing it during a parade? Sure. Random blasts driving down Main Street? C'mon! This is the sort of thing that the anti's accuse us of all the time!

  4. RP&RA+1, poor judgement, but not criminal.

  5. I don't know. Inciting a riot is probably illegal (not having played a lawyer on TV or taught Constitutional Law at Chicago, I can't say for certain), but I'd venture to say that the civil liabilities would be substantial for any injuries sustained by any bystanders hurt while stampeding away from him.

  6. I know the guy who did the propane/o2 conversion for it.

    They look and sound real.