Saturday, July 06, 2013

Now she could be the one for me!

Now this gal--she's got a great attitude, has tattoos, is kinda cute, and likes to play with legos. And us Left BKA's gotta stick together!

Woman builds her own prosthetic Lego leg.

She had me when I learned that she does her own brake jobs...sigh.

Oh--and she has a German Shepherd dog, too. If she shoots and will promise never to vote for a Democrat, I might just marry her...and put her through AP school so I can get cheap annuals on the Cessna.



  1. Match made in heaven!

  2. Go for it my friend.

    I've been married twice.

    The Second I regret marrying.

    The Fist I regret leaving.

    As the Pennsylvania Dutch say: Too smart, too late!

  3. Definitely marry-able. Definitely.

  4. Definitely a robo-hottie.

  5. So, what are you waiting for & why??? Tell us when the 1st meeting is to take place!