Thursday, July 11, 2013

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument was damaged by the earthquake two years ago. It's been closed ever since. There's scaffolding all around it now as repairs are underway.
This week, the park service turned on the lights for the first time. I happened to be down town and snapped these with my phone.For those of you who haven't seen it recently, it definitely looks a bit different than it used to.

They say they'll have it done by Spring. Color me skeptical.


  1. Are they going to call it the 0bama monument now ?

  2. Neat photos, and I was wondering why it was dark every night! Thanks!!!

  3. @ Duke: It doesn't lean far enough to the left for that.

    @ Old NFO: Glad you like.

  4. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Great Pictures

  5. No Duke,

    It won't be called "Obama's Monument".


    When all the work is complete The POTUS will have a huge out-door ceremony and announce over all the TV channels: "America, I give you the shaft"!