Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home flight stop-over

A nice part about flying your own plane is that you can stop where you like so long as there's an airport handy. This came in handy when I got an offer for lunch from two really cool folks who live in Medina, Oh.

Pediem and THOTpolice, two readers and previous charity blog shoot attendees, were kind enough to meet Murphy and me at the Medina, Ohio airport and take us out to lunch at a great little BBQ place that even allows dogs on their outdoor patio. I wish I could remember the name of the place and hopefully of them will add it in a comment because it deserves a plug.

The food and the company were great, and enjoyed by both Murphy and I. Murphy got quite a bit of leftover brisket that we could not finish, but not being content with that, he focused in on THOTpolice like a laser when the former returned with an ice cream cone. It was comical to see Murphy plant himself right in front of his new best friend and just stare him down, trying to will him to hand over the cone.

There was really only one thing that I could do:
Yeah, I went back inside and got him a cone of his own.

I know, I know...spoiling that dog.

Special thanks again to both Pediem and THOTpolice for the wonderful hospitality. That's one of those things that makes blogging so rewarding--the real people out there.


  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Murphy is getting you well trained

  2. All I could think of is "Left over brisket, ice cream cone, and dog in airplane...BARF!"

  3. LOL, they are good folks! And Murphy obviously has you well trained!

  4. We were only too glad to see you again and to meet Murphy! I swear, I've been telling my friends that I met the most well-behaved dog I've ever in my life seen... :D I hope you'll feel free to stop back by again soon.

    The bbq place is Dickey's Barbecue Pit. They're a little chain that started down in Dallas. Ours has been open just over a year, and you should've seen the crowds in there when they were offering 2-for-1 on their first anniversary! The free ice cream is a bit hit, too.

  5. @ Pediem: You saw Murphy AND a well-behaved dog?

    He was kinda behaving...at least by his standards. I'll let you know when I'm passing through again.