Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Orleans' own Trayvon Martin case

How did I ever miss this one from my adopted hometown, The Crescent City?

In Marigny, rival protests for and against homeowner charged with shooting 14-year-old

The elements are getting to be familiar to people paying attention:

1. White man who has a job and lives in one of the few relatively decent parts of the city--the gentrifying Marigny neighborhood, encounters a black teen in his yard late at night. The teen--who is not from this neighborhood--already has a record of several burglary arrests.

2. White man, fearing for his safety and that of his pregnant wife and baby daughter, shoots black teen.

3. Even though the man has been charged and a criminal case against him is proceeding, black protesters swarm the neighborhood, demanding "justice" and trying to paint the serial burglar as somehow being an innocent victim.

I'm getting sick of this. If you don't want to get shot, don't commit crimes. Don't attack people you think are following you, don't break into other people's houses, and don't jump fences into other people's yards at 0200 hours. It's really just that simple. But these days, it seems that any wrong you do can and will be excused--and you'll be held up as a hero/saint--if you are black and you come to harm during the commission of your crime at the hands of either a white person or the police.

This stuff needs to stop. Sadly, as we saw at this week's events in Washington DC, we have no shortage of fire-fanners, to include Barack Obama and his toadies.


  1. Yeah, trundling down that well worn path... What happens when they get to the end and realize we've had enough???

  2. Perhaps if the neighbors started shooting the protestors that are "Swarming" the neighborhood, the enthusiasm for being in that neighborhood would decline.

  3. Dick: you won't see that sort of resolve there. Read the story and you've got one neighbor admitting that he saw the criminal and his pal casing the houses but didn't call the police because he was worried about unjustly profiling two black boys. Very liberal area and when it's destroyed by rampaging "protesters" some day, they will be surprised and angry at the government for letting it happen.

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    +1 Old NFO