Sunday, September 15, 2013

A great time with great people

The weather could not have been better yesterday--sonny, low 70's, no wind...perfect for shooting. And that's what we did.

Nancy showed up with her black powder creation described here.

Larry The Historian brought a Barrett .50 M82A1 and graciously invited everyone to shoot it.
Here's Proud Hillbilly firing it--it's longer than she is tall. (But then so are most rifles.)
And here's Andrew touching it off. (Not the shell ejecting from the rifle.)
AJ spent some time zeroing his bullpup in on the 100-yard line here.
And much use was made of the pistol range.
Here, Stretch gives Katherine A. a few pointers as she shoot one of his many classic .22 pistols.
And Keads shows up all how it's done with his incredible USMC Colt .45.
Nancy steps up to something a bit more modern with a Smith and Wesson Model 66.
And Eric couldn't stop grinning after getting to run a mag through an Uzi submachinegun.

The Japanese were well-represented this day, with four World War Two Jap rifles.
Top one is Keads Type 38. Below that is Nancy's Type 38. Next is my Type 99, and on the bottom is Proud Hillbilly's Type 99.

The idea was that we were all going to fire these together, but unfortunately the top two were 6.5 caliber so none of the ammo that was brought for them fit. Ah year, perhaps.

And heads Keads on the M-60.

Dinner followed, and as usual, everyone hung around in the restaurant parking lot afterwards because nobody wanted to leave. But it finally ended, and we raised a little over $500 for Soldiers' Angels, which will be donated in memory of Master Sergeant George A Bannar, Jr., formerly of Orange County, VA, who gave his life in Afghanistan last month.

Special thanks to Jerry at 340 Defense for getting us onto this range at short notice and to Chuck, who volunteered to spend the day as our RSO.


  1. Sorry I missed it this year. I had a previous obligation. Hopefully I'll make it back next year.

  2. @ Andy: Next year it is. We missed ya.

  3. Yep, sorry I missed it as well. Next year we'll work on getting it on the schedule.

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Thanks so much for setting up this event yet again. Weather was perfect, 340 Defence were great hosts, fun group of gunnies present, and lots of weapons shared and discussed. And awesome dinner. Hope Murph forgives you for being gone all day!
    And huge thanks for helping get my stuff sighted in. I really needed the time on the range.
    Next time, more focus on just having fun!

  5. Just another thank you for the invitation we had a first-time and learned a lot. The extra assistance from Chuck, Hillbilly, Keads, and Stretch and yourself was awesome.

  6. I'm still on an adrenaline high and I can't wait to do it again. Thanks for setting this up. Definately worth the trip.

  7. Great pics, and it's the thoughts that count. And a nice amount raised for a great charity!

  8. WOW! Looked like a great day!

  9. Thanks for hosting the event Murph! Good to see everyone again and meeting new friends.

  10. What Wilson said. I'm SO envious!

  11. Sounds like you guys just about had a perfect day.

    If any of you ever get out here to The Left Coast, I'd be proud to organize a shoot just so I could get to meet some of you!

  12. @NancyR- Yes, it always worth the trip! Glad you could make it!