Monday, October 14, 2013

EBT glitch sparks looting, theft by welfare crowd

Call it a preview of things to come when the system crashes for real.

Apparently in 17 states this past Saturday night, EBT cards--"Free money cards" issued to those who who choose welfare over a job--didn't. work for two hours due to a problem at the contractor company that administers the program.

Naturally the natives quickly got restless.

A couple of Wal-Mart stores in Louisiana took a calculated gamble and let the EBT card holders use their cards even though the system was down and the stores could not check their card balances. It was an act of kindness that the gimmedats quickly abused as the stores' shelves were quickly cleared of just about everything as goodie-laden hood rats ran for the checkouts with whatever they could stuff into their carts. According to one store manager, the store was "packed like Black Friday" as welfare recipients called each other (no doubt on their Obamaphones) to spread the word of the windfall opportunity. The chaos was such that police had to be called to restore order.

Walmart shelves in Springhill, Mansfield, cleared in EBT glitch

The frenzy lasted for two hours, at which point the EBT cards began to work again. And then the "shoppers" realized that they'd actually get charged for what they were buying and they abandoned their carts full of loot and left the store en masse.

One woman, caught at the check-out when the cards came back up, was trying to run $700.00 worth of groceries on a card that had a balance of forty-nine cents.

It was even worse in a Mississippi store. There, customers rioted and just stole the food.

All hail the coming Obamalution, folks. If they act like this when the cards go down for just two hours, imagine what's going to happen when the cards go down for good.

My advice: Stock up on ammo now, and keep quiet about your preparations and stockpiles when talking to folks that you don't know well, because when the stores are empty and the looter class still wants stuff, they'll be looking your way and mine.


  1. Was in a grocery store yesterday that I've never shopped at before. As I was in the checkout line, I wondered whether they would accept my credit card. The couple in front of me happen to be having some trouble with their card so I glanced over to see what card the cashier had the trouble with. It turned out to a the Oregon version of the welfare food stamp card. OK, no biggee, we have a lot of that here in Portlandistan. But then after using the card for part of the purchase she pays for the rest with A HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL! Keerist... I haven't held a hundred since I last sold a motor vehicle.

  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Shoot like the rabid animals they are

  3. I believe that the "experts" will be on the optimistic side of a SHTF time frame scenario. General knowledge says that people will run out of food in three days, but after two days people were dumpster diving in NYC. It's gonna accelerate down the decline...

  4. Does anyone know of any Wal-Mart (or Target or Dick's or any other brand) that is accepting EBT cards for ammo?

    [Would they let me if my car has an Obama sticker?]

  5. K's on the right track. This time, it caught them by surprise. It took 'em some time to get their "mob" on.

    Next time, the mob will form more quickly, and show even less constraint (not that there was any on display, this time).