Monday, October 28, 2013

Mad Dog.

Murphy just got a Bee Ay Tee Aich and while he cooperated and stayed in the tub the whole time, he's so furious that he won't even look at me now.

Aggrieved angry dogs--you gotta love 'em. Heh.

EDITED: He's even madder as of 2200hrs as I'm washing his bedding too. It's still in the dryer at present and he wants to go to bed.


  1. The Scotty dog actually likes her warm baths...until the soap comes out. Then she acts like I'm beating her the whole time I'm bathing her.

  2. Both of my beagles turn into the most pathetic-looking mutts...yet harbor such anger...its amazing that both emotions can reside in such a small furry container at the same time! A chewy-stick (rawhide) afterwards usually helps smooth things over.

  3. What - no pics?

    Sorry Murph - we have to laugh at 'ya, but we're all your friends and we all love you.

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    If he's like most dogs I have known, as soon as possible he will run outside and roll in dirt and poop.
    Gotta get his mojo back!


  5. Did he at least appreciate the nice warm dog bed fresh from the dryer or was he still mad about the bath?

  6. LOL, GSs never like baths... Or at least none 'I' ever had... But jump in the water on their own? In a heartbeat!!!