Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mustang Love!

Here's some more shots from yesterday's chance encounter with the Collings Foundation at Easton Airport.

Betty Jane arriving.
This is the TP-51C owned and operated by the Collings Foundation. It's the world's only dual-control P-51C Mustang in existence.

Watch and listen to it fly.

Closer view. Apologies for the poor tracking--it was FAST!

Yeah, I'm thinking that my Cessna 172G is just a bit under-powered now. But I love it anyway.


  1. I love Mustangs! How cool that you had the chance encounter with that group! Wish I was there.

  2. NICE! And that was the sound of freedom before jets...

  3. Man, from what I understand, ground operations and landings were difficult enough in the single seat Mustang. And landing most airplanes from the rear seat is more complicated than from the front. So, I'm not sure I'd want to be an IP in that airplane.

    But....I still want to go for a ride.

  4. The only one? Dang...then that must've been her I saw a few months ago at Meacham Airport in Ft. Worth, guest of the Vintage Flying Museum. Drove by to see the B-25 they were hosting (it was after hours, so I couldn't get close), but watched them tow this little girl back to her hangar. Had to go look it up when I got home, I'd never seen a 2-seater P-51 before. Awesome that they're keeping her in the air!!!

  5. Fantastic; I love those planes!