Monday, November 11, 2013

City decides to auction seized and surplus guns; one city councilman is troubled.

So the Center Line, MI municipal government has decided to auction off some sixty rifles, pistols and shotguns to get rid of them. The idea is to make some money for the taxpayers and put the firearms in the hands of people who will use and appreciate them.

However, the newspaper, after much hand-wringing about the city leaders' decision, can only find one city official to commiserate with them, so he's the one who gets the lion's share of the ink. They barely mention the fact that the mayor, the other three city councilmen, and the city's public safety director support the sale.

Gun auction troubles Center Line councilman

“I don’t feel like this is the right way to get rid of guns. I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if we sold a gun to somebody and the person killed somebody,” said Councilman Ronald Lapham.

Well that being the case, the city should probably not sell the two Chevy Tahoes that they're also planning to auction off. I mean, what if one of them is used by someone who gets a DWI?

As for my two cents, I'm going to be watching for this auction. I may have to get me one just because it'll irk Ronald Lapham.


  1. Yep, they have some decent stuff up for auction indeed. Certainly toying with bidding on some just because he doesn't want me to do so.

    Then again, I can promise they'll be in good, law-abiding hands.

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    DWI about speeding, distracted driving or malfunction of the automobiles.

    What is more likely to malfunction: a car or a firearm?

    Nor should the city auction off anything that could be resold for a profit; that money might be used to buy a gun which a criminal might use in a crime which might end up with someone injured.

    Maybe there is something to the idea of requiring an IQ test before someone can be elected to political office.

  3. Hard over Dem and liberal media = "Agonizing" decisions... yeah, right...

  4. Wow, if that councilman is so guilt ridden about the possibility of one gun being used by someone with ill will what about all the guns the U.S. government gives to terrorist in Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria?

    Me thinks he is posturing.