Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Congressmen say dogs should ride on trains.

So apparently Congress has nothing pressing to work on and they've decided to devote their considerable time and energies towards trying to convince Amtrak to let dogs ride on some trains.

Congressmen say it’s barking mad to keep pets off Amtrak trains

Since the US Government practically owns Amtrak anyway, I have to wonder why they don't just order it to be so. But that would probably deny a few public servants a gratuitous photo op and some camera time, wouldn't it?

Admittedly I was all for it until I got to the part in the story where it would require the dogs to ride in carrier cages. First off, how can I take Murphy to someplace like New York City or Boston if I have to drag a big carrier cage with me? The whole point of going by train is to be free to roam as a pedestrian when I get to the destination. I can't do that and schlep a stoopid dog kennel around with me now, can I?

Not that Murphy would ride in one anyway.

"Carrier? Oh, HELL no! I ride up front or I don't go."


  1. Yeah, passenger rail service went TU after AMTRAK IMHO. Murph is rocking the CSX Locomotive though!

  2. Yep, they need a reality check... sigh

  3. There have been many times (like in restaurants) when I would have preferred to be in the company of a well mannered dog to the ill-mannered children that were running rampant.

    Did you hear about the incident with the seeing eye dog on the plane?