Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Female dog names with an aviation flair

Just mulling...

Jackie (for Jackie Cochran)
Amelia (Earhart)
Pancho (for Pancho Barnes)
Delta (Dart, Dagger)

Any that don't kida suck?
Any that I forgot?


  1. Melli??
    Melli Beese (Germany)
    First Woman in Germany to Receive a Pilot License. No, I didn't know this but found it doing a Google search of women in aviation.

  2. Rosie (the Riveter)

  3. Enola?

    Yeah...that's a stretch. Not very good for a dog's name.

    I like Tango's idea.

  4. Rosie? Works for me! How about Nina? Nina Ul'yanenko, Hero of the Soviet Union—Flight Navigator. If She can navigate that up there that is!

    Night witches info here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Witches

  5. Murphy and Amelia has a good sound to it.

  6. Amelia (or just Amy) sounds good to me, too.

  7. Bessie, as in Coleman?

  8. Well you could name her after the female voice given to cockpit warning systems - "Bitchin Betty"

    But how about Belle (for Memphis Bell?)

    It also has a bit of a Southern overtone which I think you would appreciate.

    I am so happy she's getting a new adventure.

  9. I'd say Mooney to go with Murphy, but that sounds dorky. So, how about Piper?

  10. I still like Heddy, but Belle is cute and so is Piper.

  11. For some reason this one just popped into my mind.


  12. Brigid for the win. I really like "Belle" for the reasons she gave and well heck, she looks like a "Belle".

  13. 1. You can't give cutesie names to a GSD. It is a cosmic disconnect that will probably cause her to lose her marbles and chew on the stocks of your Trapdoor Springfields. Anything ending in "ie" is cutesie. It must be a strong name. Not 6'4" Teutonic Warrior Princess strong, but strong nevertheless.

    2. You can't give Spanish names to a German Shepherd. I wonder if there is a Russian corollary to this, though I have to admit I liked Aaron's suggestions.

    3. Katarina? No aviation ties I know of, but I like the sound of it.

  14. Marta, after Marta Meyer the first woman to fly the SR71?

  15. Gremlin. Goes with Murphy('s Law) and aircraft.
    And if she helps Murph with the George Foreman grill... You are boned indeed.

  16. If she throws her intelligence and muscle in with Murphy, I'll likely find the BBQ grill from the deck up on the guest bed one of these evenings. Hopefully she'll be a force for good instead.

  17. If she takes after Murphy, Tempest as in Hawker Tempest might be an appropriate name. Let's hope it doesn't suit her.

  18. Hubby found another name. How about Vixen after the Vickers Vixen?