Saturday, November 02, 2013

Real Grit--cop shot in face chases down shooter and makes the arrest

Yeah, I'd marry this one.

Shot in face, Texas cop still chases down and handcuffs suspected gunman

So Officer Ann Carrizales of the Stafford, Texas police department (a former Marine) walks up on a car during a traffic stop and the passenger shoots her twice, once in the chest (stopped by her vest) and once in the face. The car then takes off on her.

Shot twice, Officer Carrizales gets back in her car, chases the suspects, and calls for back-up. Twenty miles later, the chase ends with the shooter in custody, the driver the subject of a warrant (both are illegal alien gang members from Honduras) and a third occupant still on the loose and unknown.

(In a Just world, the police would beat the identity of the third escapee out of the two in custody, but the Liberals would never allow that today.)

A lot of people--even a lot of police officer would fold up when shot, especially in the face, but Officer Ann Carrizales stayed in the fight and eventually won it. That's True Grit, right there. Rooster Cogburn would be proud of her and I know for sure that I am.


  1. Glad to have her as a Texas Peace Officer. Need more like her.

  2. Yep, she done good! No question!!! AND she didn't shoot them, just arrested them!

  3. She probably didn't feel the hit at first (and from the looks of it the shots were peripheral hits.) One shot was in the cheek and the other the neck. Bandages show the wounds were thankfully not very damaging.

    But, I bet she bled all over the place.

    Now the poor mis-understood illegals.

    We had a similar incident in Tyler Texas where a DPS trooper stopped two men (illegals) and they shot him in the neck and vest (fired something like 20 rounds while he was prone in the grass.)

    They had bullet proof vest, ARs, AKs, silencers, and assorted ammo in the car. THEY WERE HIT MEN SENT FROM MEXICO.

    And yes the caught them both.

    We are becoming more and more like MEXICO all because Obama has let the border open for any and all illegals to come (and vote Democrat.)

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    She is tough

  5. She showed true courage and grit. What a hero!