Friday, November 29, 2013

She's here.

So I went to the vet to pick her up, Only to be told that the doctor needed to talk to me.

Turns out that she's positive for both Heartworm and Lyme. It's fixable, but it won't be cheap.

Yeah, I could have just told the pound "Thanks, but no thanks" and they'd have taken her back, but the odds of someone else coming along and adopting her with those problems are virtually non-existent, and she's so sweet.

"Fine," I told the vet. "Whatever it takes."

She's now on meds for the Lyme, and we'll go back in a couple of weeks for the other treatment.

But she's a sweet dog. And cute. And I'm a: she is.
She rides well, but then again, she's still loopy from the anesthetic. And in the house, she and Murphy have had no issues whatsoever. Hopefully that continues once she shakes off her drug-induced haze.


  1. I hope all continues to go well.

  2. Hope y'all have a great evening.

  3. You Sir are a saint. Great dog and a lucky one too methinks.

  4. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Hate to break it to you, but your new girlfriend is a real dog. But she's so cute.
    Now, pray that Murphy doesn't start teaching her any of his bad habits. Or make her his accomplice in crime.
    Never forget, hamsters are cheaper. Not as loyal, but cheaper...

  5. As someone who currently has 6 dogs including a white GSD and a black GSD (both of whom were rescues), BLESS YOU for giving this girl a chance! Like you said, the chances of someone else adopting her with both Lyme & heartworm would have been slim to none... Hope all goes well this weekend!

  6. There is a special place in heaven for you...A place that welcomes dogs. Besides, Heaven without dogs probably isn't a place I wanna go anyways. Glad she's home.

  7. Anonymous6:33 PM

    You are a good man for rescuing such a fine lady!

    Especially because of this issues.

    Hope she gets better and has a name, soon!


  8. Kudos! Glad to see you have a new family member!

  9. Anonymous8:39 PM

    She is beautiful You did the right thing!!!

  10. AWWW...she's a cutie. And you are too sweet. You may know your way around an arsenal, but underneath all that armor and black powder is a big 'ole softie for sure ;-).

    Maybe you can put up a paypal donation box for the little girl and we can all contribute to help out with her medical expenses a bit?

  11. Listen, I cried when I read your last two posts. That girl has no idea but she just won the life lottery. You are a good man my friend. We'll be sending you guys every prayer and positive thought we can generate.

  12. Waring warning.... Danger danger Mr. Robinson!

    Murphy will turn her into ANOTHER Murphy and no, your life will not be double heck... it will be heck squared.

    For when you double your trouble you actually increase it four fold.

  13. Your a softie because you have a big heart for animals and people in need or trouble.
    If she doesn't work out long term with Murphy let me know. I'm a big softie too...

  14. You're a good man, Charlie Brown!

  15. She's a real cutie, and now she has a real pappa and a good home. Good on all of you. She got a great Thanksgiving gift.

  16. You can beat the heartworm; we've done it with three rescues.