Wednesday, December 04, 2013

She almost went back to the pound...

Last night, I drove home from work thinking about beer. I knew that I had some Guiness in my refrigerator (don't hate...) and it's fair to say that I was fixating on it all the way home.

I got home and found just one left in the fridge. I opened it ands went in to see the dogs. Murphy ran towards me so I set the beer down to play with him for a few seconds as we've often done in the past, but suddenly I heard a "CLUNK" sound as Belle ran up from behind me and KNOCKED THE BOTTLE OVER!

My last beer, spilled all over the floor. Gone. (sob!)

Murphy just stood there, aghast. He knew what had just transpired.

The only thing that kept me from tossing Belle right back into the jeep at that moment was the fact that it obviously dawned on her that something unspeakably horrible had just happened that she was somehow connected to. She flopped down on the floor next to me and rolled over onto her back, waving her paws in the air and wagging her tail.

The cuteness. It was incredible. Her eyes radiated innocence and fawning love and it de-escalated the situation and soothed me to the point that I almost didn't miss the beer.


So I rubbed her tummy and scratched Murphy's ears, and they both gave me licks, and I shrugged and got over the lost beer and all was right in the Lair again.

And then I realized that someone had to clean that mess up, and it wasn't going to be either of the dogs.



  1. That was the full submission posture, exposing the belly to the dominant male.

  2. @ Bob: Yeah, I know. But it's damn cute regardless.

  3. Heh. I kept expecting to read that Murphy slurped up the spilled beer while Belle was providing the distraction. THAT would have been epic teamwork worthy of a treat!

  4. Yeah, just don't fall totally for the cute. The last time I did that my 401k took a big hit =)

  5. Keads wins the internets. BTDT.

    Lessons learned...hopefully.

  6. Your dogs don't drink beer???? My first Skip would grab his coconut bowl and clack his teeth on it as soon as I cracked a beer. The wife got home one night and told me, "The dog has beer on his breath!" But, don't give the dogs Guinness.

  7. Your LAST beer?!?!

    That is piss-poor inventory management.

    My beer stock is never allowed to run below two 6-packs (except when I run down the load before the Passover holiday).

    People do not plan to fail, they fail to plan!

    [And, now that you mention it, I think I'll sign off the computer and go downstairs and have a beer before I go to bed.].

  8. My Dachshund would have had that spilled beer sucked up in about 3 nanoseconds!

  9. You have a dog named Murphy who does
    not drink Guinness!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can understand Miss Belle not drinking it she probably drinks wine
    but Murphy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. "Why are you returning this dog to the pound?"

    "She has an alcohol abuse problem..."

  11. Yeah, I was waiting for the "Murphy was lapping it up" line too.

    Perhaps they were waiting for the good-er stuff to come out, like Lagniappe did.

    Or, maybe it was just a matter of taste - I know I would rather drink Budweiser than Guiness any day. [shudder]

  12. Anonymous9:36 AM

    What David said!
    The 'canine lush in residence' here would have slurped up the accident and begged for more!

    Is there A.A. for dogs?


  13. You mean they didn't drink it off the floor?

    What kind of dogs do you have that don't like beer?

  14. Oh well, it was probably skunky beer anyway... :-)

  15. Here in KY there are horse-trainers who give Guinness to Thoroughbred horses. I'm really surprised the dogs didn't clean it up for you.

  16. Jim -- OF COURSE it was skunky. It was Guinness, after all! ;-)